Celebrating Over 42 Years Of Service Est. 1980
Celebrating Over 42 Years Of Service                     Est. 1980

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American Redecoration, Inc.
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Construction Cleaning Services


For more than two decades, American Redecoration, Inc. has provided final finish cleaning services to local construction companies. in the area. We enter the scene near the end of the project, helping our clients turn over a clean and move-in ready space to their customers. It has been our privilege to contribute to these projects, large or small, we have done it all! So if you have a project that you are in need of some cleaning experts, give us a call!






  • Final Finish Cleaning
  • General Construction Cleaning
  • Professional Glass Cleaning 
  • VCT flooring stripping & waxing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning






Listed below are examples of projects we have had the privilege of completing:



University/College Projects

- WMU Sangren Hall                          - WMU Science Building

- WMU Waldo Library Renovation     - EMU Dorm Renovation

- CMU Baseball Complex                   - MSU Agriculture Lab

- MSU Jenison Field House                  - GVSU Football Complex

- LMC Renovations                              - K College Natatorium

- Notre Dame Hesburg Library            - WMU Arcadia Flats


Hospitality & Restaraunts

- Radisson Kalamazoo                          - Holiday Inn Kalamazoo

- Old Burdicks                                       - Zazios Italian Eatery

- Starbucks                                            - Umami Ramen


K-12 Schools

- Fennville Elementary                           - Fennville Highschool

- Fennville Sports Complex                    - Mattawan Elementary

- Mattawan Highschool                         - Bridgeman Schools

- Watervaliet Schools                              - Byron Center Highschool

- Gull Lake Schools                                 - King Westwood

- Phonix Highschool                                - Jackson Schools


Other Various Projects

- Grand Vista Hospice                             - The Heritage Hospice

- The Milton Residences                          -  Plainwell Library

- Dowagiac Library                                 - St. Augustines Church

- YMCA                                                   - Otsego Daycare

- Kalamazoo County Clerks Office          - Post Cereal

- Kalamazoo County Jail Addition            - Branch County  Jail



Just to name a few...

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