Celebrating Over 42 Years Of Service Est. 1980
Celebrating Over 42 Years Of Service                     Est. 1980

Where to Find Us:

American Redecoration, Inc.
8565 E. K Avenue
Galesburg, MI 49053

Phone: +1.269.342.4482

About Us

 American Redecoration, Inc.(ARI) was established in 1980 by our founder, Dick Dalke. ARI is a family owned and operated business that cares deeply for the individuals we have the privilege of employing.

 The vision began with a portable carpet cleaning machine and snowballed into what we are today. ARI has grown to be the top apartment turnkey provider in our area offering our clients painting, cleaning, carpet cleaning, common hallway cleaning and leasing office & clubhouse cleaning. 

 ARI has also expanded our services into the construction industry over the past two decades providing final finish cleaning services, general construction cleaning, professional glass cleaning, pressure washing and carpet cleaning. 

 Our founder has built a strong foundation & reputation in our industry over the years and we will continue to uphold that standard for many years to come!

Management Team

Brandon Dalke


Phone: +1.269.342.4482

Email:  bdalke@american-redecoration.com

Lyn Kidney

Office Manager

Phone: +1.269.342.4482

Email: americanredecoration@prodigy.net

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